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Frequently Asked Questions:

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01. How long it takes to repair cracked screen on iPhone and iPad?
Ans: If there is no other issue except the cracked screen- it takes 20-30 minutes for iPhones and 2/3 hours for iPads. 

02. Does our company use Apple original parts?
Ans: So far we know, Apple does not make any parts for their iPhones. They use the parts form Chinese companies. Our parts are from similar manufacturer- you cannot tell the difference.

03. Do I need to remove the screen unlock password before repair?
Ans: Yes, you have to remove the password or provide us with the password so we can complete our test procedure before give it back to you.  

04. My phone is acting unusual and do not know the reason of it, can I bring it to you for diagnosis?
Ans: Yes, we will perform a full diagnosis on your phone and will exactly tell you what is wrong in it. Our diagnosis process takes 2/3 hours and you have a fee only $10.   

05. I tried to fix my iPhone myself but could not finish. Can I bring it to you to be finished?  
Ans: Sure, one of our technicians will be glad to help you.

06. Do we repair any other kind of phones/devices?
Ans: Yes. We do Samsung, LG, Motorola, HTC, ZTE, Mac, Laptop, Xbox, Play Station etc.

 07. Do you do water damage?
Ans: Of course, we have years of experience to retrieve cell phones from any kind of water damage as long as your logic board is not affected. If your logic board is damaged then we consider it is not worth to fix since it is very expensive to replace logic board.

08. Do I need an appointment for my repair?
Ans: It is better to make an appointment so that we can cut down your waiting time. But you are always welcome to stop by at any time during our hours to fix your device. 

09. Do you match price?

 Ans: Yes, We match any competitors price with $10 off **.